"The only Bay area Pizza purveyor to serve traditional and Senegalese-inspired Pizzas Late Nights & Week-Ends!" 


LITTLE BAOBAB PIZZA | 19th street Pizza | now introduces traditional as well as Senegalese-inspired Pizzas to our Menu.

Visit us in the Mission, Order-To-Go, Order-Online, and taste our signature "Specialty Pizzas" made with Baobab notorious home-made sauces! 

3388 19th St San Francisco, CA 94110 | 415.643.3558 Email: contact@littlebaobab.pizza | Website: littlebaobab.pizza

CLOSED |: Monday

Sun | Tue | We | Thu : 5pm to 12am

Frid & Sat |: 4pm to 2am

OUR STORY: Since 1996, Baobab has brought the succulent flavors of Senegal to San Francisco’s Mission District with a menu consisting mainly of traditional Senegalese cuisine, signature cocktails, and West African specialties; all with a laid back, yet distinctly cosmopolitan, worldly vibe which upholds the concept of an African village. Bissap Baobab, next door to Little Baobab Pizza, features weekly, monthly, and special events: from DJ parties; to live music and dance performances; to French language and World Cup meet-ups; to independent film screenings; art exhibitions; spoken word and poetry, and much, much more. Since 2014, the people of Oakland have welcomed Bissap Baobab in their city; and we keep on working around what we like to call "The Baobab Village" made of hospitality, good food, good people, good music.